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We here at Prodigy Lending Team consist of the best minds when it comes to home loan programs in the country. We take great pride in being able to dominate our lending markets, owing to the top-notch services and services that we offer. We have over the past 17 years helped our clients get better, affordable, and comfortable housing, as your interests are our own.

You do not opt to choose to walk with us because you do not have any other choice you do so because you want the best home loan program for your needs. In addition to home loans, we here at Prodigy Lending Team also do help you to consolidate your debts and refinance your mortgage. 

Conventional Home Loan 

The conventional home loan is one of our most popular home loan programs that we offer here at Prodigy Lending Team. This is because the home loan program comes in different but flexible terms of 30, 20, 15, and 10 years for you to choose. In addition, the home loan attracts low-interest rates and reduced mortgage insurance costs, which enables you to save. Our conventional home loan lender demands a low down payment of 3% and does not attract any lender fees. 

FHA Home Loan 

The Federal Housing Administration is another home loan that has built a name for itself amongst our clients. The good thing with our FHA home loan is that it has very lenient guidelines that you need to surpass in order to qualify, easing the process of qualification. In addition, this home loan program attracts low-interest rates and that is the reason why it is one of the most affordable home loans in the country. 

VA Home Loan 

Here at Prodigy Lending Team, we do take full note of the work that veterans, service members, and National Guard do, in protecting the country. That is why we offer them our VA home loan program so that they can own homes in Cedar Park. Our VA home loan is very popular owing to the low closing costs, interest rates, and no mortgage insurance costs, thus enabling you to save. In addition, the home loan offers 100% financing much to your delight. You can therefore never go wrong by choosing us to be your home loan lender. 

USDA Home Loan 

The other home loan program that we offer is the USDA home loan, which is specifically tailored for low and middle-income earners. Our USDA home loan offers 100% financing of your project and therefore you do not have to worry about lack of funds. In addition, the home loan does not demand any down payment, attracts low-interest rates, as well as mortgage insurance costs, thus enabling you to save. 

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