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In case you have been shelving your dreams of owning a home in Manor due to lack of funds, it is about time you broke the ceiling and acquired one for your family.

We here at Prodigy Lending Team are committed to ensuring that you buy your dream home at affordable prices. That is why we offer multiple home loan programs, as well as services like debt consolidation and mortgage, refinance, as we have your interests at heart. With the highly qualified home loan experts that we have in our team, you are assured of not only working with the best but also receiving top-notch services. Join our bandwagon today by giving us a call or walking through our doors. 

Conventional Home Loan

One of the home loans that has built our name in the home loan lending industry is the conventional home loan. This is because we offer different conventional home loans with different flexible terms, thus giving you the freedom to choose the one that you need. In addition, our conventional home loan demands a low down payment of 3%, reduced private mortgage insurance costs, low-interest rates, as well as no lender fees, which enables you to save. 

FHA Home Loan 

Another home loan that has raised us through the ranks to become the number one private lender in Manor is the Federal Housing Administration home loan. This is due to the fact that our FHA home loan has lenient guidelines, thus giving people the chance to own a home. As if that is not enough, our FHA home loan attracts low-interest rates which enable you to save on your resources. It is important to note that our FHA home loan provides for rehab loans. 

VA Home Loan 

In case you are a veteran, then you need to feel appreciated, as we here at Prodigy Lending Team do offer the VA home loan. Our VA home loan is quite popular owing to its 100% financing, which ensures a smooth home buying process. In addition, the home loan program does not attract any mortgage insurance costs, attracts low closing costs, as well as interest rates, which enables you to save on your resources. 

USDA Home Loan 

Unknown to many, our main objective here at Prodigy Lending Team is to help as many people as possible to own a home in Manor. That is the reason why we offer the USDA home loan which offers 100% financing of your project. In addition, the home loan program does not demand any down payment, charges low-interest rates, and low mortgage insurance costs, which enables you to save. As if that is not enough, our USDA home loan has lenient guidelines thus making it easy to qualify. 

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